Monday, April 13, 2009

A Great Charity Concert in China


Maestro Vitas and Mr Pudovkin have received the invitation to take part in a national concert in memory of the earthquake victims in 2008.

Letter of Invitation

Dear Mr Vitas and Mr Pudovkin S.With our respect, we are writing this Invitation Letter to you. On May, 12, 2008, strong earthquake jolts Sichuan. The massive 8.0-magnitude earthquake and more than 40,000 aftershocks left more than 69,000 people dead, 374,000 injured, 5,000,000 homeless... The unexpected disaster shocked the world.
Exactly a year after on May, 12, 2009, we are going to give a Great Charity Concert "Hope - Meet in Du Jiang Yan" in the world non-material cultural heritage Du Jiang Yan (nearby Wen Chuan) in Sichuan province. We hope that by holding such a concert we could console the people who have suffered in the huge disaster and lost their beloved relatives, not only heal their hearts, but also bring confidence and strength to them.
Your music, your humanitarian work and magnanimous acts have deeply moved us.
We are honored to invite you to attend and make performance in this charity concert as distinguished guest artist. This concert will be co-sponsored by the China Youth Care Foundation and China International Culture & Arts Co., and will be broadcasted by international and internal media including CCTV, SMG, Sichuan TV etc.
China Youth Care FoundationChina International Culture & Arts CoApril, 10th, 2009

With deep respect, Vitas will take part in this action.
We present our condolences to all injured people.
Vitas, Sergey Pudovkin
Source from : Vitas Official Site

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