Saturday, March 7, 2009

Greeting From Vitas - Happy Women Day


Our dear and loved women!
You are the most great happiness on the Earth!
On this fine spring holiday all the most gentle, sincere
congratulations, all flowers of the world and the best songs
are only for you!
I want to say so much words,
When last sigh of love disappear.
I shall wait for you with a smile,
To meet and see off with hope.
I want to say so much words,
When I see the sky in your eyes.
We shall fly with you in our dreams.
You are in my heart forever.
And every day will return,
As an instant of love,
Sent to me from above.....
With love,
Vitas, S.Pudovkin
Our festive gift is the new version of the song "POPLAR"

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