Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The press conference of S.Pudovkin in Bucharest

Press-conference of S.Pudovkin, Vitas's producer, devoted to the beginning of the world tour "Sleepless Night" was in Bucharest on February, 6. The first performance within the bounds of the tour will be on the most prestigious stage of Rumania "Sala Palatului" at the end of February. Six thousand people will become eyewitnesses of high-technology show where the Artist will present not only his hits and premiere of his songs from the album of the same name, but as well as songs in Chinese, Italian, English and even Romanian.
A legendary Maestro Gheorghe ZAMFIR will be on the stage "Sala Palatului" in Bucharest to congratulate Vitas with his success. Mr Gheorghe ZAMFIR is a virtuoso who has four platinum discs and he has become a cult musician in Europe. He will accompany Vitas in his compositions such as "Someone's Melancholy Is Crying" and "An Autumn Leaf" (in the photos - Mr ZAMFIR is next to Mr Pudovkin)During the press-conference in the presence of mass media from 12 European countries Mr ZAMFIR said his brilliant artistic talent and voice exceeding the legendary Farinelli had ensured Vitas "the sold out" all over the Europe. And producer Sergey Pudovkin got a surprise - a collection champagne with the name VITAS.
Source from : Vitas Official Site

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