Friday, November 28, 2008

Light of A New Day

It is an amazing opportunity, listening to this music and this voice, to dissociate from realities of modern life, loaded by stresses, crises, fear of tomorrow, loneliness and heartlessness. This music like a saving island, which you feel yourself beautifully and easy on. (J.Mitchell, Canada)

Dear friends!
I have been preparing for this appeal for a long time. This is a responsible an important theme. A great work had been done before we made a decision to present you an unusual new and very complex work which Vitas had been preparing for three years. This is not just a new album; it is an important gain in Artist's creative work. Only you will be able to appreciate and understand emotional warmth, inner power an energy which Vitas put into this work.

The artist created 40 minutes of musical creation "Light Of A New Day" tediously, choosing note by note the best, the strongest and the most sincere things which could be felt with the heart and soul. All Vitas's voice power, all abilities of his light energy filled this work which he called "Light Of A New Day". This is the separate world of music and voice for those who needs emotional protection and an aura of kindness and light, who needs support in this life.

We have received thousands of letters from different corners of the world for 10 years. People tell us about feelings and emotions which they had listening to Vitas's voice, feeling the atmosphere of the concert and music. Many people wrote about unusual and nearly magic influence of this atmosphere on their inner state. Many people try to use Vitas's music as a kind therapy, while some medical institutions Vitas's music therapy became an official part of medical programme. Here are some examples of such usage.

I have collected more than 5,000 wonderful messages where you write about the power and influence of Vitas's voice, how it helped you and what power he has in his creative work. I, Sergey Pudovkin, thank Vitas for what his ability to make people happier and gives them confidence in today's and tomorrow's day. At least, it helps them with his creative work and power of his talent.

Up to 2009 the official site will place the work "Light Of A New Day" for all our visitors with free download. I have made such a decision that everyone could get 100% access to these emotions, clear energy and atmosphere of kindness which penetrates his creative works. I refused to sell CDs and paid download of this work. After opening the free access to download, the users will get to know the way how they will be able to express their opinion and pay for the work. We shall use received funds for studio records and development of this direction. Your decision to pay for the work will be voluntarily in time and amount.

以上的一篇文章是Vitas和MrPoduvkin写给歌迷们的,Light of A New Day是他们为歌迷们所制作的一首心灵治疗音乐,全长40分钟。


Anna, Norway
I’m a very experienced psychologist. I have been using music therapy for some patients for about a year. An hour of Vitas’s music lowers some patients’ blood pressure from 190\130 up to normal and a week session cures for a long period of time. Recently I have had a recurrent drunkard whom I cured with Vitas’s music as if it were a medicine dropper. Recidivation was alleviated without medicamental interference. I successfully cure depression of different severity. But I specially choose Vitas’s music. My patients don’t understand Russian, it is sound of voice which effects people.

Dr. Tsai , Taiwan
I am a doctor who listens to your music every day. I have collected all your albums released in Russia and Taiwan. I would like to thank you, because your music calms down my diseased heart and cures me. I play your songs in my hospital with great pleasure and let my patients listen to them.

Anastasya, Russia
You can’t leave him, you can just come back to him. By the way, you do it voluntarily. This is a discovery, which can’t be closed but it can be discovered endless number of times. The main thing in this discovery is the voice. Not the one with separately taken and piercing falsetto, but the one in its complete volume of timbre and intonation, the voice as a single whole, a united life. I am surprised more and more what a tuning fork has this man? It can’t be realised and expressed with words. It is so deep that you can only feel and hear it.

Elena, the USA
This singer possesses the most seldom gift on this Earth. His music not only puts in a good mood, but it also makes our soul smile. It happened so, that I have recently given myself up to despair, lost any interest to the life. Vitas filled my life with joy, happiness and hope. I am much obliged to him. May God protect you, Vitas!

Maxim, Russia
I was diagnosed as encephalon cancer two years ago. Doctors gave up me for lost. I was losing heart. Not once thought I to pass away. It was so unbearable… there was nobody by my side. I had nobody to speak about it. The only salvation was music. One day I heard the song "Smile" and something had happened inside me. A slight hope that I will live appeared. I told myself, "Smile…" I could look funny for a person who has never suffered anything similar, who knows nothing about such pain, but it worked! Step by step, through the pain I had overcome this illness. I was operated on. Now everything is OK!!! I am happy. I LIVE!!! It is Vitas’s music which helped me to survive. I owe him my life. He is always by my side, he is near 24 hours a day. I fall asleep with "A Autumn Leaf" and wake up with “Kiss”, on the way to work I listen to "Oh, God, How I Love" and "Crane’s Cry". These are not just music and words, this is medication. But the main remedy was the song “Smile” and Dr. Vitas. I can’t tell I’m a mad fan, no… he is just dear to me. He is my Angel… Thank you very much, Vitas. May God protect you!


The Original Articles are from : Vitas Official Site.

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