Saturday, June 12, 2010

List of Concert - June 2010

So sorry for not updating Vitas news...!!!
I'd been away for month....busy....
Here's the List of concert for June 2010.

June, 2
Moscow, Cultural Centre "PROJECTOR", the solo concert

June, 3
St.Petersburg, the closed event

June, 6
Daugavpils, the central square, City Holiday

June, 8
Krasnoyarsk, TRANSGAZ company anniversary

June, 11
Moscow, mayor's office, a number in a concert

June, 14
Kiev, the closed event

June, 16
Donetsk, the closed event

June, 18
Lugansk, the closed event

June, 20
Moscow, the Kremlin, a number in a concert

June, 22 - June, 28
Germany, the performances within the limits of
Vnesheconombank presentation

Original source : Vitas Official Site

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