Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vote for Vitas-The Best Album 2008 (XX-th Century Hits) Re-posted

Update of the Russian Top 2008:

Dear fans of Vitas, I'm very glad to bring this to everyone, that Vitas presently in No 1 ranking. But he is leading by only 87 votes.

There are 3 more days to go, Vitas' fan of Russia, we must proof to Guru Ken that, without the foreign fans from all over the world, Vitas always is No 1..

Cheers to all Russian Vitas' fans, vitasfanmalaysia give you all her spiritual support!!!!

Reposted on Dec 29, 2008
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Hi, everybody
Come and vote for Vitas best album of the year.
Here are the announcement from Vitas Official Site!!!


Dear friends!
Voting for the best album 2008!
Vitas and his new album
is in a nomination "POP-TOP"
number 127 for SMS.
Thank you very much for your support!
The administration of website
Please read the below:
Message from Nat Krasnova from Russia (fan of Vitas):
Dear friends!
My hunch about Guru Ken preparing something mean for us in the voting for the best album 2008 was just to the point. The new voting started today but the rules of voting have been revised. It is not free online voting any more, it is SMS voting (each message costs you money). But it is still not the worst news. The worst one is this: AMERICA, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VOTE!!! Neither will Chinese. The area of voting is limited by a few countries of the former Soviet Union plus Switzerland and France. Guru Ken promises that next year the residents of USA, Germany, Moldova and Belarus will be able to vote too but this time they have no chance because of technical issues.
However, even with the new scheme of voting this poll will not be 100% objective because it is allowed to send multiple votes. In this case rich fans have more chances than poor, as well as artists who have big fan clubs sponsored by their own administration have more chances too because their fans do not have to count how much they can afford to spend on the vote, they can vote as often as they like. I see our main rival is Alexey Goman, teenagers are actively voting for him.
The situation is extremely complicated but we cannot ignore this voting now. ESPECIALLY NOW! Because if Vitas gets a very low number of votes this time, after his two previous victories, it will provoke a new wave of sarcasm from Guru Ken and the other media people. They will say that without Chinese support Vitas is a loser, he is a third-rate singer in Russia, no one cares for him in his own country… I don't want to see such comments!
We have to do what we can to support Vitas and show that he has a lot of true fans everywhere who do care for him and love his songs. We still have good chances to win if we gather our efforts. Please appeal to those foreign fans who live on the territory of Russia and other CIS countries, France and Switzerland. I know that there are a lot of Chinese fans in Russia and Ukraine (they often show up at Vitas' concerts in these countries). Get in touch with them and explain how to vote.
Here is my short instruction.Link for voting:
Scroll down the page until you see 2 lists of singers. Pop singers are in the right column. The number of Vitas is 127. This number should be sent in a text message to a certain phone number.To find out this number, you should apply to the green and yellow fields under the lists of singers. In the green box choose your country from the suggested list.
After you have chosen the country, a second list appears in the green field under the first one. Here you should choose cell operator. Then in the yellow box on the right you will see detailed instruction what to type in your text message. It is a chain of two numbers plus the number of singer (which is 127 in our case).
I have checked at random a few Russian operators and the text seems to be the same, as well as the number to send message to. For my operator it is like this: 70+63681+127. All the "plus" symbols are obligatory.
If necessary, I will prepare a detailed list of all the available operators with text messages for each of them. Please let me know if you need it. For now I am posting only the list of countries entitled to vote:

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